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Along with a Breitling Replica few other pieces like the Gravity and the Mysterious Breitling Replica Seconds, the Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Skeleton, it is undoubtedly the most striking piece in the collection. The Masterpiece Skeleton is a modern take on open-worked watches. It's not the old-fashioned skeleton watches with arabesques or Breitling Replica engravings. Instead, it's full black-coated and shows something really useless, but quite cool on the back.Skeleton watches are a wonderful opportunity for watch enthusiasts: you can see all parts of the movement even the dial side when the watch's worn. This mechanical attraction is a major reason we love watches. We mean mechanical watches with a working movement. It is worth paying a significant extra to get an automatic or hand-wound Breitling Replica movement for your watch. You will be able to use it in almost all situations. Skeletal watches are known for this reason. Open-worked watches, however, have been a part of the history of Breitling Replica watchmaking. They were quite expressive and baroque in appearance, with intricate lines and engravings. It's not very modern.Breitling Replica

The Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Best Replica Watches Skeleton reflects current trends Breitling Replica while providing a stunning view of its intricate hand-wound movements. Skeletonization is bold design, straight lines and Breitling Replica modern finishings. The bridge at the top of the movement holds all moving parts in place. It feels almost sporty and radiates from the center. This bridge's "arms" are straight and matte, Breitling Replica but have a 3D effect. To add contrast, the upper surfaces are finished with a colimaconnage. All bridges have diamond-cut edges. This movement could be mistaken for a Unitas, but Maurice Lacroix makes it in-house. It offers great depth and design, as well as a good view of the moving parts.Breitling Replica

The caseback is also not overlooked.Breitling Replica Watches The bridges were cut exactly the same as the front ones so that the view is clear. It is a pleasant finish Breitling Replica with black-coated plates and bridges, large jewels on the train, and a nice execution of the wheels. It has a large, screwed balance that beats at 2.5Hz and has 45h of reserve power. It displays the hours, minutes and second on the central axis.Breitling Replica

This Maurice Lacroix Masterpieceskeleton is Breitling Replica quite attractive for one Breitling Replica reason. Skeleton watches do have one problem. Skeleton watches can sometimes allow wrist-hairs to show through Breitling Replica the dial, which is not very elegant. Maurice Lacroix has designed its Masterpiece Skeleton using a partially tinted back. This is darkened and reflective on the voids and transparent below moving parts (balance, wheels, barrel, balance) to allow the light Breitling Replica through. It's a small detail but I really like it.Breitling Replica